The Dog Days of Summer

What's happening July 27th?

Main Stage

10-10:45am: Yoga Kula Project

11am-1pm: Better of with the Blues

1:15-1:45pm: Jaecey Adams - Hula Hoop Performance

2:15-5pm: Chris Bender & Fastback

Delta Airlines

Kids Activities

Free Park Silly Bouncy Houses

Rock On Rock Climbing Wall

Crafty Fun Mom

Hoops O'Funn - Hula Hoop Zone

CloCreations - Face Painting

Farmers Market Located on 5th Street next to the Post Office

10am-12:30pm: Skylar Lutes 

2pm-4pm: Jeordie Shekeryk 


Non-Profits and Sustainable Issue Now located on 7th Street

Craft Lake City

Park Record - Spelling Bee

Cinca Santa Marta

Friends of Kings Peak

Acres of Love

Featured Artist Located next to the Main Stage

Mural Mural on the Wall