What is the Park Silly Sunday Market?

The Park Silly Sunday Market is an eco friendly, open-air market and street festival. It is a treasure box that features unique and eclectic-local and regional arts and crafts, music and performance art, antiques, imports and one-of-a-kind finds, delicious gourmet foods, and farmers market fruits and vegetables. It is as unique as it's town is.

Are the vendors the same every week?

In fact we are unique every week, but if there is a specific vendor you are wondering about just give us a call (435) 714-4036 or drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What do I need for the Market?

  • Lots of cash, many of the vendors do not accept credit cards. There are ATMs located on Main Street.
  • Canvas bags and a basket or cooler to keep your veggies fresh and unsmooshed.
  • Sun hat and sunscreen.
  • Dress in layers, this is Park City, you never know what the weather is going to do!
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Is the Market A Place for Elders? Are Children, Strollers and Wagons Allowed?

Absolutely, bring the whole family.
There is free live music, performers, and activities for the kids. We want the Market to be a weekend ritual, an opportunity to reconnect with our family and friends. The Market is handicapped accessible.

Can I bring my dog?

But, please make sure to keep your dog on a leash and bring your own doggie bag to clean up after your pet. If your dog does not like to be around or approached by unknown faces or children, please reconsider bringing him/her. We want to keep this a canine friendly event.

Venue Map?

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If I drove, where can I park?

Parking is very limited, we encourage you to park at Park City High School and take the free bus.  However, there is very limited parking on upper Main St., Swede Alley, China Bridge parking lot and along Park Ave.

What Do I Do If I Rode My Bike and Want To Buy Something Too Large To Carry?

Most vendors will be happy to mark your items as "Sold" and make arrangements for you to pick them up at a later time. Get your vendor's name and contact information, and keep your receipt, just in case you get a flat and don't make it back before we close. Park City also has large taxi vans that would be happy to transport your bike and your new found treasures to wherever it is you need to go. The city busses have bike racks also. View bus routes.

How Do I Get To The Market?

Get directions.

Where is The Market?

Located on Historic Main Street in Park City Utah.

When does the market take place?

Every Sunday 10 am to 5 pm from June 5th - Sept. 18th, excluding August 7th and August 14th for the Tour of Utah and Kimball Arts Show. Snow, rain, or shine the show must go on.

What Is No Trace Left Behind / Zero Waste Market?

"No Trace Left Behind" is a nationwide effort to take responsibility for ourselves and the impact we make daily on the environment. It involves following the same rules in our everyday lives that we follow when hiking or camping: "Pack it in, Pack it out" or in the case of the Park Silly Sunday Market, taking advantage of the Zero Waste areas located throughout the market. Zero Waste emphasizes the Recycle in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. All of our food vendors are using recyclable utensils, cups, and plates. We will collect these used items in the Zero Waste containers and food waste gets fed to the pigs in Kamas. Our successful Zero Waste program from the 2015 season resulted in only 11% of our trash going to the landfill - that's an 89% diversion rate! That's 188,000 visitors and only 44 bags of trash! I know, it's sooo cool. Learn More about Zero Waste

How do I volunteer?

Information and instructions can be found here.


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