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Park Silly

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Market goes on Rain, Snow, Wind or Shine.

Once you have registered, and agreed to a date, you will receive a contract. After the contract is agreed/confirmed, you are expected to attend.

In order to stay in good standing with the Market you must inform us immediately of any cancellations or emergencies that you have that may impact your ability to attend on a given date. If a cancellation is necessary please allow 2 FULL WEEKS notice. A phone call is required day of, if you are running late.

Cancellation / Emergency/ Questions contact: Ryan Cray - or 435-901-9733.

Canceling your given Sunday may jeopardize your future participation with the Park Silly Sunday Market. Please keep this in mind when committing to your dates.

Cancellation / Emergency Hot line: 435-655-0994

If you agree to these terms, then press submit and you're on your way!

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