Vendors - Shops at South Town

The Park Silly Saturday Market at the Shops at South Town is a FREE festive, outdoor market where family and friends can shop local artists and enjoy live music, food trucks and kids activities - all outdoors!


 The 2021 Park Silly Saturday Market at the Shops at South Town
will take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month, May through September
Dates & Hours Are:
May 15th, Saturday: 11am - 5pm
June 19th, Saturday: 11am - 5pm
July 17th, Saturday: 11am - 5pm
August 21st, Saturday: 11am-5pm
September 18th, Saturday: 11am-5pm

Some items of note for the Silly Market:

A non-refundable $30 application fee is required at the time your application is submitted.  Applications will not be reviewed if this fee has not been paid.

Spaces are 10x10 ft. in size and will be accessable on 3 sides. 

Vendor load-in starts each Saturday at 8am and will END when the Market OPENS at 11am - all vendors must be on site and check in NO LATER THAN 10am.  All set up must be completed before the market opens at 11am. 

Booth space and fees will be forfeited as a "no-show" if vendors have not arrived for load-in by 10am and space will be offered to other vendors - absolutely no refunds for no-shows, early departures or cancellations.

Load-out will begin at 5pm on Saturday and must be completed by 8 p.m.

THIS IS A JURIED EVENT - selected vendors will be notified on or before May 1st.

If selected for participation, you will receive an email notice which will include an invoice for your booth fee - be prepared to pay this invoice immediately.  Space is not reserved until invoice is paid in full.

Please READ the Vendor Handbook before applying. 

This is a short list of items to consider before applying to the Silly Market at the Shops at South Town. 
Before applying, please read this event's VENDOR HANDBOOK for a comprehensive review of our rules, policies and procedures.

Vendor Types & Descriptions

Artist/Designer ($150 per Saturday) – Selling only your unique artwork and/or handmade craft.  Starting materials must be significantly altered/enhanced.  (Jewelry and Food not permitted in this category)

Jeweler ($150 per Saturday) - Selling unique, handmade jeweler of their own making and design.  No imported jewelry nor reselling of another's jewelry is permitted.

Gourmet Food ($150 per Saturday) – Selling your own packaged food items/baked goods, made in Utah, intended for off-site consumption.

Food Truck ($300 per Saturday) - Selling food, intended for on-site consumption, from a single vehicle equipped with entirely self contained facilities for cooking and serving food.  Electricity/water are NOT provided; cooking under canopies is NOT permitted at this event.

Farmer ($50 per Saturday)– Selling fresh produce/plants grown on their own farm/property and/or products made from those items grown on such property.

Service Vendor ($150 per Saturday) – Selling/providing on site services to market attendees (ie.: henna, seated massage, face painting).

Importer/Reseller ($200 per Saturday) – Selling items manufactured by, or procured from, another business.  This is a low priority vendor type.